Ari Fletcher Makes $150K A Month on Instagram

Being a social media influencer is not for the faint of heart. It definitely has its perks, but you have to be a strong person to deal with the negativity that comes with it.

Just ask Ari Fletcher. When you look at her comment section, so many people have negative things to say about her. But guess what? Every time someone leaves a negative or positive comment on her page, it increases her social media engagement.

Fletcher catapulted to fame after her high profile relationship with Chicago rapper, G-Herbo. When the two decided to go their separate ways, her social media followers grew tremendously.

People love to say she would not be famous without the help of G Herbo. But honestly, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Young women and men love following Flecther on social media because of her beauty, carefree spirit, and unique style.

Fletcher is also no stranger to speaking her mind on social media. Blogs love reposting her tweets and this causes her engagement to increase.

An increase in engagement means more followers, but most importantly, more Benjamin’s in the bank. According to the 25-year-old social media influencer, she makes at least $150,000 a month on Instagram.

Various brands and companies love collaborating with Fletcher because her followers tend to buy whatever she promotes. Two of her biggest sponsors are Savage X Fenty and Fashion Nova.

Before the fame, Fletcher was a bottle girl in Chicago, now she is a multimillionaire.

Her journey was not always easy. Back in 2016, Fletcher launched a hair company called KYCHE Extensions and received zero profit in the first year. However, Fletcher did not give up and eventually figured out how to monetize her massive following.

You might not like this woman, but you have to respect her hustle.

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